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ArtGenius is the most agile and easy way to appreciate art. In the comfort of your home with your iPad or anywhere with your iPhone or iPod touch. Each episode in this collection shows the best works of an artist, with high resolution pictures and a complete commentary by experts in art with navigable hypertext.

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This first installment is devoted to Velazquez, the master of the Spanish Baroque, with more than 150 works in high resolution. Special price introductory offer for the complete works of Velazquez and free lite version to try before buy.

All contents of each of the episodes are included in the application, so you don’t need an Internet connection to enjoy the painting geniuses of the world.

Included information of all the museums where the works are located, with a link to the application of maps to facilitate your visit and its website for timetables and tickets.

The texts are available in English and Spanish in the same application.

The different paintings can be selected from a screen of prominent works, an alphabetical or chronological list and from a minature gallery. In addition to works it includes a complete biography of the artist and their masters and disciples with some of their most important works, as well as information from museums which house the paintings and related historical contexts.

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ArtGenius has been created by Artehistoria, the world leader in diffusion of History and Art in Spanish on the Internet.

Contact: appstore@artgenius.mobi